“Confirmation of the Order of Preachers” by Lawrence OP is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The world keeps spinning around and around, yet nothing gets better. It seems that even as the world continues to spin we ought to get better, we ought to be better people, we ought to have advanced in technology and in other areas to the point where we have actually grown as people. But even as I sit down to type out this long spiel about the state of the world, I think about how even the Church community I am within is struggling with unity (current Southern Baptist Convention issues). …

The sun set over the Zambezi river in Africa

The value of hospitality has been a value upheld by different cultures and societies for a very long time. The idea is to show kindness, invite someone into your home or to do something with you and just, generally, treat them with kindness. One of the problems with American culture is that some of us have failed to uphold the value of hospitality as of late. Advancements have been made that have left behind a value that is so upheld by other cultures and for so long.

If I were to give more than a few examples, I would need…

As I sit here in a country I have never been to until now, I think of my first experience with international travel. As a young man my very first international trip was to Burundi, Africa. During the two weeks that we were there, I was a part of two very different experiences.

Zambian nationals help us cross to Livingstone Island

During the first two days of my time at the Mission where we stayed as a team, I had a seizure. Normally, something that may not be of huge concern turned quickly into a life-or-death situation considering a mix of a couple elements: the lack of sleep…

“St Dominic preaching to Albigensian Heretics” by Lawrence OP is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

As John Piper rightly said, “It is impossible to take a strong stand on anything these days except tolerance.”

Religion must be tolerant. Your belief system must be tolerant. In today’s society, people want affirmation.

People want affirmation of who they are, people want affirmation of their identity. Whether it is based on their sexual orientation, sexual preference, political party, religion, views of abortion, etc., people want affirmation of who they are based on what they base their identity off of.

What people want to hear is that you think what they’re doing and who they choose to be is…

Throughout the ages, many people, Christian and non-Christian, religious or not, have proposed that we are facing the “end of the world”. With the widespread computer programming scare of 2000 (commonly referred to as Y2K), many people responded in many different ways. There were those who responded in mass panic, many worried about how they were going to face the end of life as they knew it, both religious and non-religious felt this panic. But now as we face another possibility of widespread panic, how should we respond to the new and threatening “coronavirus”?

The “coronavirus” had its origins in…

By Koal Manis

Twenty Øne Piløts, one of the most well-known bands in today’s music industry, has significantly changed their music throughout their time. Lead singer Tyler Joseph and drummer Joshua Dun make up the band, relying on their talent as well as technology to create and produce music. They started out as both being professing Christians and Tyler was producing music as such. But with their newfound fame, have they left behind their Christian roots?

Tyler Joseph was raised as a professing Christian, and after the release of their latest album, still holds to that faith, even though he…

Koal Manis

Current student, English major, at Oklahoma Baptist University, interested in religion, philosophy, music, and literature, etc.

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